To avoid disappointment to other patients and loss of business, a booking fee of £50 is requested, but will be RETURNED if you proceed with a treatment. The treatment does not need to be on the same day.

NON REFUNDABLE if you provide less than the standard 24 hours notice of cancellation or reschedule. You will receive an email.

Browns Clinic uses Stripe to take payments and they have facilitated refunds without bank details being visible, other than the last 4 digits. It is secured.

Brown’s Clinic Ltd is compliant with GDPR (European Union Data Protection Regulations) where confidential information is not shared without consent. Brown’s Clinic is also registered with the iCO (Information Commissioner’s Office).

Each patients details and medical records, are treated with the highest confidentiality as per guidelines and will only be shared with a medical colleague on verbal or written consent, should it be clinically necessary for the welfare of the patient.

By signing the T & C’s during the booking process, you are providing permission to store your personal details within Brown’s Clinic, medical software. The software is safe guarded by means of a password, only known to Marion Brown.

All medical records are kept behind a locked and secured room covered by CCTV and an alarm system, internally and externally for security and safety purposes.

‘Terms and Conditions’ will be agreed to, prior the booking of an appointment. Browns Clinic is located in a private residential road and is built for its purpose within the grounds of Marion Browns residence. There is no waiting room or reception as they are considered unnecessary based on the length of each booking time. Please look for BLUE times on the diary, that show availability.

Thank you for booking with Registered Nurse Prescriber, Marion Brown RN Adv Dip HE iNP .